The Final Countdown

Status Report: Self-inflicted unemployment, day two.

Personal Status: rested, excited, nervous, occasionally bored.

Planning Status: Schengen Zone researched, understood.

Packing Status: well…I have a list?

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there. The final countdown to my departure date is on, as this time next Tuesday I’ll be en route to Melbourne to meet up with the little sister and begin some epic Australian/Tasmanian road tripping. There’s quite a bit for me to do before then, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, I have a question. Have you seen A Million Ways to Die in the West? The new-ish movie starring Seth McFarlane, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Neil Patrick Harris, etc.?

If you haven’t, don’t. It’s really bad. Like, The Interview bad.


Anyway, as the name implies, it’s all about the many ways to die in the old wild west. And after doing more research on Australia, I’m realizing it might be a similar situation over there.

For example, did you know there are giant toilet spiders in Australia? Toilet spiders. Giant ones.

I’m starting to think the only thing that can’t kill me in Australia are the people themselves. Oh, don’t get me wrong — I’m still going. This is more of an inspiring pep talk thing. Like a, “If I can handle toilet spiders, you can do it too!” thing.

Because, seriously. At the risk of sounding like an extremely fried motivational speaker, is there anything worse in the world than giant deadly spiders hiding in your toilet? THINK ABOUT IT.

So that’s really the gauge. If you can handle that level of worst, you can totally drop everything and go explore the world before you’re too old to out-run said spiders.

This brings me back to my initial point about being overwhelmed by information. I was talking with a friend this weekend about how lucky my generation is to have any recommendation, piece of advice, etc. available in our pockets at all times and how that allows us the freedom to access the world and feel comfortable about venturing into it.

I agree, to a point. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have so much research at our literal fingertips. The ability to prepare so diligently is awesome, but it also gives you more ways to find reasons to reconsider, too.

I know firsthand how big of a decision it is to leave everything in the pursuit of adventure, especially if you have a job, a relationship, a housing contract, or all of the above. But there was nothing more liberating than making the difficult decision to click “confirm” on that first flight.

Geez, listen to me — I haven’t even left American soil yet and I’m already absolutely positive this will be the best experience of my life. That’s general optimism, sure, but also just the sheer faith that I can figure things out. We all can. That’s why our access to information should be used as a tool, not a weapon.

There’s exactly one week left (wow, what?!) for me. And it honestly seems like just yesterday that I was convincing myself that I couldn’t afford a trip, or that I couldn’t travel alone, or that I couldn’t stand to leave a good, secure job.

But, I couldn’t be happier that I went for it. The Internet is an amazing place, and I decided to let it inspire and educate me instead of scare me away. Now I’m looking forward to beaches in Australia, culture and cuisine in Southeast Asia, nature and music in Iceland, and whatever else I stumble upon along the way.


It feels a whole lot better to be looking that direction, rather than back at “what could have been.” In fact, I don’t really want to look back until I’m home, reflecting on the journey I just took.

Anyway, I digress. You can take advantage of all this information too. You can drop everything (not all at once, please, I’d like some kind of workforce to exist when I return) and go on a trip. You can defeat toilet spiders–okay, no you can’t. Nobody can.

But still…go traveling. Just hold it in when you visit Australia. That’s my plan, anyway.


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  1. kelly says:

    Ummm so you morphed into a Kangaroo – hop on Jeremy.


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