Rocky Mountain High

Have you ever visited a new place and become immediately smitten? Felt like it was the place you’ve always belonged? Never wanted to leave?

Well, that’s what happened to my little sister upon moving to Denver.

And I’ll admit, I see why. After a long weekend of park-walking, trail-hiking, brewery-touring and city-wandering, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy in Denver too. Mountains, dogs, beer and sports as far as the eye can see. What more could you want in a city?

Between meeting Lexie’s friends, re-connecting with some of my old Semester at Sea and MLB Fan Cave pals, touring Coors Field, exploring Red Rocks, sampling local breweries and restaurants, and just taking in the simple, attention-grabbing Capitol Hill, I barely had time to breathe in Denver.

When I did finally stumble upon a second to inhale and think, I realized how easy it was. How easy it was for Lexie to pick up and move with no plan, let alone a job. And how easy it is to picture myself doing the same thing.

Why not, right? I started discussing with Lexie and polling some friends: “Would you come visit me in Nashville?”

“How about Austin? Seattle? Boston?”

I mean, I’m a freelance writer. I can work from anywhere in the world with a WiFi signal. The urge to travel has only gotten stronger since I arrived home from Europe. And literally every city in this country would be more affordable than San Francisco.

It’s a fun thought. It’s worth considering.

For now, I’m not going anywhere for many reasons (just got back, need to make some money, Bay Area is freakin’ awesome, etc.). But that visit to Lexie in Denver reminded me how easy it actually is to make the move to an unknown destination. There is absolutely nothing holding many of us back from this aside from our own inhibitions.

So, who knows? Maybe in the next several months I’ll once again be following in the little sister’s footsteps and packing up to try a new city in a new state with a huge population of new friends to be made.

Sounds like my trip abroad. Sounds kinda fun.


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  1. sanseilife says:

    Has Lexie experienced a good Denver snow storm? If she likes excitement we are supposed to have a lot of snow this winter. It is fun to get snowed in!


    1. Jamblinman says:

      Not yet – she just moved a month or two ago. But she’s got her season pass for snowboarding and ready to go! Can’t wait to visit again and hit the slopes.

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