Procrastination Nation

What a perfect title for a blog that’s taken me about three tries to even start. I wrote the first sentence at least two days ago. Then the Warriors came on. Then a board game started. Then I wrote another sentence and deleted it.

You know how it goes.

To be honest, I hardly remember what inspired this blog in the first place. But it’s gotta be something to do with putting stuff off or whatever…right?

I’m the biggest procrastinator ever. That’s why it took me weeks months years to actually jump on a plane and explore the world like I’d always wanted to. But I’ve been thinking about this more often now that I’m back in a “regular” routine.

Some nights, I go to bed and wonder what the hell I actually did with my day. Did I do anything productive for myself, someone else, or the world at large? The answer, far too often, is no.

That last bag of cheese crunchies is always my last unhealthy snack before getting in shape. That final episode of [show redacted to save face] on Netflix is always the last one before I spend the rest of my weeknights working on personal writing.

It takes an insane amount of mental fortitude to actually eat healthy, choose work over relaxation or work out. At least for me. Well, at least that used to be the case.

Now, whenever I slip into that mindset, I think about how each day that passes signifies one literal step closer to being physically unable to do any of those things, and I realize it’s worth winning the mental battle with myself. Besides, it feels damn good to do something you put your mind to, right?

So here I am, finally writing something. There I’ve been for the last couple weeks, finally eating healthy again. Here I am, looking at ways to volunteer my time again. Here I am, booking trips again.

Before my adventure last year, it would have been a lot harder to do this. I would have happily plopped down into a normal routine of waking up, working all day, eating something microwavable for dinner and falling asleep in front of the TV.

As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I’m aware that there’s more I can do with my days (and my life) now that I’ve been abroad. It simply opened my eyes to the unlimited opportunity a single day can hold.

For anyone out there who “isn’t ready” to quit their job, break off relationships or do anything else required of traveling, sometimes you just have to do it. You just have to say “enough is enough” and buy a ticket. Beat your own mentality.

It worked for me in 2015, and it’s made me better about breaking my procrastinatory habits since.

Give it a shot, because you’re just moving one step closer to the end each and every day. Might as well do something important with today’s step.



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