Title Pending

Check it out! I’ve re-branded or whatever.

I wanted to change the dynamic of my blog, because even though it’s the only thing I write for free, it’s my favorite! It’s where I put my personal thoughts down, only intending to share with friends and family. In short, it’s something I’m proud of and the old version of the blog just wasn’t cutting it.

It should be easier on the eyes than whatever monstrosity used to reside here. Unfortunately, the content will remain similar (lots of travel stuff, lots of random, babbling thoughts, occasional animal photo) so if you don’t like any of that, you’re kinda screwed.

As for the name of the blog, well, “Jamblinman Travels” was pretty exceptionally lame. I admitted as much from the get-go, but I also simply gave in to my awful title-producing abilities. This has been an issue as long as I can remember.

So, here we are. Title Pending.

Naming a piece has always been the trickiest part of writing for me. I can vomit out thousands of words any given day, but when it comes to tying it all together with a pretty bow, I lose all semblance of creativity.

Maybe calling this blog Title Pending is a subtle form of self-torture. A constant reminder of something I suck at, to make me less sucky at it? Or maybe it’s literal: I have no idea what to actually name it, so let’s just throw this placeholder up until inspiration strikes!


*sudden realization dawns*

*choir nails a high note*

*sunlight floods the room*

Maybe, it’s because I was always taught that you write a story before titling the piece; that the very last thing you should do to a draft is give it a name. It’s like when you go to an animal adoption center to play with an adorable puppy and start calling him Ralph. Well, now you’re attached to him. You have to bring Ralph home. If Ralph ends up being a carpet-pissing, leg-humping, car-chasing maniac, too bad! You’re stuck with him forever.

See, if you give your writing a title at the beginning of the process, you might pigeonhole yourself into sticking to that particular theme – even subconsciously! You don’t want to squeeze a 500-page labor of love into a five-word headline you came up with months earlier. You’re probably going to end up hating that first title anyway.

I write a lot about life, love, passion, etc. on this blog and one of the main themes is self-development and/or fulfillment. Whether it be through traveling, artistic inspiration, religious awakening or something else entirely, I think we all create and follow a path in life. How much that path winds and how many unguided off-road romps you take is always TBD.

For me, in an ideal lifetime, one would experience great moments of amusement, appreciation, anxiety and achievement. One would fearlessly pursue things they believe in and relentlessly chase new learning experiences. One would meet people, see places and try things they never expected to meet, see or try in a million years. One would confront fears and fight through adversity.

One would find work, raise a family and leave a legacy he or she can love.

There are a billion things I don’t understand about this world (why the 6th Harry Potter movie sucked so much, for example), but I do know there is one chance at life. If we title our stories at the beginning, we might feel compelled to adapt our paths to fit in with what “should” happen.

Instead, I prefer to take my sweet time creating the story and throw a title on it at the end when every character, setting and plot twist has been developed organically.

The story is what matters, anyway. The cover of the book is just a tidy summary. With some flashy graphics. And hopefully a catchy quote or two about how awesome your story was.

So, with all that in mind, Title Pending while I continue writing my story. Hope you enjoy the new look!


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